The Last Project!
Alebrijes wall painting. Anne Schinko Art.
About Me

Anne Schinko 

Discovered her love for art and making art in Mexico while she was living in the small town of San Cristobal in the south of the country. Later her travels brought her to Argentina where she was studying Realistic Painting in an art school in Patagonia. Since then she has done several further studies in Austria. She focuses on watercolor and acrylic techniques as well as gouache painting in her recent work. Her style changes between realistic (especially portraits) and illustrative paintings.

Realism and illustration study made with watercolor and gouache. The portrait is of an old berber woman sitting in the streets of Marrakech, Morocco.


acryl painting ON WALL

Commissioned work, acrylic mural for the Hotel „Ayt Karoum“ in the little town Sidi Kaouki, Morocco. Dotwork portrait of an old fisherman who lives in Sidi Kaouki. The Background made with acrylic paint symbolizes both arab and berber culture of the country: the islamic mandalas in the back as well as the berber signs on his hat. Original Photography by Walter Castro Veliz